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Missionside: Delivering Seamless Constituent Communications

 Adam Slagowski, Founder and President

With over 15 years supporting a wide range of Federal clients, including the Census Bureau, Office of Personnel Management, Department of Interior, and Federal Communications Bureau, Adam Slagowski gained extensive experience and insight into the communication gap between federal agencies and citizens that was preventing agencies from catering to the specific needs of the constituents who benefit from their programs. Having led digital transformations for the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Department of Transportation, and the U.S. Department of Education, Slagowski was inspired to establish MissionSide to facilitate consistent, efficient, and successful constituent messaging and customer interactions for agency programs. The company provides life-cycle communication, marketing, multi-channel digital strategies, and program delivery solutions to foster and fortify federal agencies' connection with citizens.

"Our solution suite successfully achieves the agencies’ relationship management goals and positively influences the constituents’ perception of the agencies"

MissionSide’s strategies and solutions help agencies ensure that their interactions with constituents—be it through marketing campaigns, human-staffed contact centers, or self-help tools— evolve from basic transaction commodity services (such as scripted agent responses) to operational value-added services (such as improved voice and sentiment analysis, natural language self-help, and chatbots). MissionSide integrates constituent communication channel preferences, agency appetites, budgets, timelines, and the latest technologies such as AI-based self-help tools into its offerings. In addition, the company facilitates culturally sensitive messaging across all interaction channels in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Comprehensive Citizen Engagement Solution Suite

MissionSide's Citizen Engagement Solution Suite comprises Citizen Interaction Services, Interaction Support Platforms, Citizen Engagement Strategy, and Program Management. Through its Citizen Interaction Services, which include large-scale center operations management, workforce optimization and planning, outbound campaign development and planning, quality assurance monitoring, and more, MissionSide augments agencies' successful interactions with its constituents. Supporting these interactions are the company's voice, chat, email, and social media channel platforms, quality monitoring, and voice analysis, CRM platforms, reporting and data visualization systems, and learning management systems.

MissionSide is investing its revenue in its strategic growth plan to build a viable, trusted, and respected company that will last for years to come

MissionSide's Citizen Engagement Strategy consists of comprehensive digital and traditional engagement tactics, omnichannel integration strategies, and citizen self-service strategies, based on research, technology evaluation, and trade studies. MissionSide's comprehensive Project Management Office (PMO) services help oversee the effective management of all the agency programs underway. “Our solution suite successfully achieves the agencies' relationship management goals and positively influences the constituents' perception of the agencies," remarks Slagowski, Founder and President, MissionSide. Generating constructive outcomes, MissionSide has formed many important partnerships with leading firms in the communications, AI, digital services, and contact center operations markets while evolving with the changes in the industries' technology and processes. Some important solution provider partners of MissionSide include Anax Information Technology and Maximus Star.

All-Around Methodology for Connectivity

When faced by a problem to be solved, “MissionSide shapes the opportunities, starts with the strategic phase and then continues to an implementation of the work plan," explains Slagowski. Operating in a series of planned steps, the company starts with 'discovery' wherein valuable insights about opportunities guiding the way forward are uncovered through stakeholder interviews, material review, constituent research, landscape analysis, technology assessment, and more. Then follows the 'planning' of the concept of operations, iteration, technology, and migration alongside feature prioritization, and quality measurement, all essential for the development of a comprehensive communication strategy. The succeeding 'design' phase involves customer experience (CX) design, creative concepting, and prototyping that steer the way to the implementation of the decided work plan. MissionSide builds procedures for standard operating, reporting and analytics, user testing, resourcing, and technology assembly. Finally, the company helps agencies deploy their strategic procedures while undertaking the measurement and assessment of its performance, while the innovation workshops augment the agencies' work evolution. The implementation of the tactics developed for agencies delivers outcomes that create successful constituent messaging and customer interactions for improvement in the utilization of agency programs. For instance, MissionSide focuses on upgrading the agencies' operational capabilities and builds contact center operations expertise around domains such as large-scale contact center operations, policies and procedures, tech and HR, quality management, training, and more. The company also arranges subcontractors for the work, locates sites for a large-scale operation, and designs complex tools modeling large-scale contact center operations without historical data, to offer a truly all-around methodology to connect the federal agencies and citizens effectively.

Furthermore, MissionSide acknowledges the significance of balancing high-quality, consistent service with the need for organizational efficiency and wise budget investments. The company understands and accurately forecasts and schedules client resources required each month to achieve the agency's targeted service levels. The forecasting task constitutes variables such as sophisticated volume modeling, new-hire training, integration of attrition, supplementary networks such as chat, social media, email, postal, and more. For instance, MissionSide’s workforce management experts have created an agent headcount estimator, free of charge, to assist the agencies in getting a basic understanding of their phone agent needs and the associated budgets, site and site counts, support staff, telecommunications, IT infrastructure, hiring, and training.

Slagowski speaks proudly of their planning and strategy team that supports the 2020 Decennial Census. MissionSide has built a proprietary modeling tool that allows them to dynamically calculate values from over a hundred different variables around the operation and agreements, starting ratios, site locations, and more. This tool enables the team to be able to turn around extremely complex and in-depth scenario models in a matter of hours rather than days "We are pivoting our strategy on contact center technology especially because of the advent of AI, and lining our relationships there to coincide with the most highly developed AI offering," explains Slagowski.

MissionSide Work Ethos

Slagowski's rich work experience helps shape the way MissionSide plans and works. With thorough information and insights into the interaction or lack thereof, between citizens and federal agencies, he learned about the importance of forming a comprehensive strategy for problem solving before beginning any engagement. This led to the creation of a 'work ethos'—upon creating a strategy, an agency will be able to identify what their capabilities and business goals are alongside what the unmet user needs in the market are. "When you are able to identify those three things, then you proceed toward a solution. You know your goals, the customers' needs, and also the capabilities and technical resources to form a comprehensive solution that can solve the customers' issue," explains Slagowski.

Plans to Proceed and Perpetuate their Work

MissionSide has an inherent drive to keep up with the sophistication of the solutions available in the market today whereby it competently maintains practicality as well as a little bit of aspiration in their work to inspire agencies. According to Slagowski, the agencies are not just thinking about the solution in terms of addressing their issues but also how any action moves the solution forward in the grand scheme of things and how it enables future enhancements to their citizens' experience. Within the next six months, MissionSide plans to complete building their customer experience implementation team focused on content management systems, web tech coding content strategy, technology and app development along with higher end-user experience and web design. The company also expects to acquire the high-end business strategist within the next year while still focusing on a high-value app and strategic transformation of government agencies. “MissionSide is investing its revenue in its strategic growth plan to build a viable, trusted, and respected company that will last for years to come,” concludes Slagowski.

- Tenzin Chogkyi
    December 19, 2018