CitizenGlobal: The Digital Evidence Re-inventors

CitizenGlobal: The Digital Evidence Re-inventors

George D. Crowley, Jr., Co- CEO & Executive Chairman, CitizenGlobalGeorge D. Crowley, Jr., Co- CEO & Executive Chairman
What made CitizenGlobal to innovate a digital system in association with Amazon Web Services (AWS) that pairs its application with AWS’ cloud storage to assist the police department use smartphones as tools to gather evidence? It was the massacre at an annual spring party in a Southern California beach town. Dozens of people were injured and about fifty ended up in the hospital, including several police officers when the annual spring party when revelers turned violent, rocking cars, smashing windows and throwing rocks, and devolving the event into a riot. “With tens of millions of smartphones in use in the U.S., it’s a virtual certainty that citizens will be taking videos and photos at any terrorist attack, large-scale emergency or natural disaster,” states George D. Crowley Jr., co-CEO, CitizenGlobal.

With the innovation, known as Large Emergency Event Digital Information Repository (LEEDIR), and many other comprehensive Digital Evidence Management Systems, the Culver City, CA-based firm enables organizations to consolidate collection, storage, management, analysis and distribution of enormous volumes of data from virtually any source under a single platform. The key areas of authentication, chain of command requirements, evidence collection, and security are uniquely addressed by CitizenGlobal’s platform. The platform also enables organizations to carry out collaborative analysis from any device. The firm offers a single, cloud-based, and modular platform that can be customized according to the digital evidence needs of different industries. CitizenGlobal serves the citizen relationship space by catering its solutions for law enforcement & public safety, criminal justice organizations, schools & universities, and businesses.

The enterprise’s c loud-based management system follows a six-step methodology, collect-manage-sync-analyze-store-share. The system collects evidence from law enforcement agencies and other external source, tracks audit trails and evidence authentication details, synchronize information from existing hard drives and servers, collaborates in real-time, and stores the information securely such that it can be used for internal and external.

The ability to rapidly receive vital clues from a crime scene, or a report on the status of disaster victims, gives law enforcement agencies and first responders a life-saving edge

“The ability to rapidly receive vital clues from a crime scene, or a report on the status of disaster victims, gives law enforcement agencies and first responders a life-saving edge,” adds Crowley, Jr. The firm also provides the complete crowd-sourcing photo and video solution that can be leveraged by educational institutions to report security and infrastructure issues via their smartphones or the web. Local infrastructure is also assisted by this tool as photos, videos and text can be submitted with GPS coordinates of any infrastructure issue—whether it is a downed electrical wire, a hidden stop sign or dangerous potholes.

Not only this, through CitizenGlobal’s powerful and easy-to-use Enterprise-Grade Solution, the firm assists businesses in leveraging two-way communication and eyewitness photos and videos to improve safety—from deterring theft and sexual harassment to reducing workplace accidents. The firm’s solution can be deployed to empower customers in soliciting repairs with the help of audio-visual data—and employees to report back with visual evidence of the work done. Photo or video can be uploaded, and analyzed through this secure, scalable, and cost-effective enterprise grade solution. The firm’s solution enables organizations to work more efficiently, collaborate in the management of content and scale infrastructure on-demand, thus proffering a cost-effective and time-hoarding system.

Under the leadership of Nick Namikas, and George D. Crowley, Jr. the firm is truly re-inventing the process of collecting, managing, analyzing, and sharing digital evidence.