FastTrackGov: Streamlining Denizen Governance

FastTrackGov: Streamlining Denizen Governance

It is crucial for the government to furnish its citizens with swift, precise, and reliable information about how the government works and queries surrounding government procedures and practices, in order to establish a proactive citizen management practice. The government is striving at every tier, technology-wise, so that their employees can effectively engage with their constituents. “This industry is currently undergoing continual change. Regulators need a system to automate and streamline their operations. A system with the flexibility to adapt to a changing industry. That is what we offer with FastTrackGov,” states Beth Humphrey, Account Executive and Vehicle for Hire Industry Specialist at Mitchell Humphrey & Co., developer of FastTrackGov. Based out of St. Louis, Missouri, FastTrackGov realizes the significance of forging connections between the government and its citizens, and introduces a scalable suite of web-based development software applications. Serving a diverse group of clients, comprising state and local governments, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations, the company provides high quality, flexible software, reflecting on their commitment to streamline governmental and citizen management processes.

The standpoint attributes of FastTrackGov lie in its ability to present a solution that reflects a familiar environment, as the offerings are based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. This allows clients to transition easily to Microsoft Office applications or Microsoft Outlook, in order to manage their scheduling and workflow routing needs, besides emphasizing usability. With FastTrackGov’s offering, government is able to ensure higher level of citizen satisfaction as applications, requests, and complaints are processed much faster; and citizens gain more easy access to government services. Moreover, FastTrackGov can be deployed both on-premise and in the cloud, and the clients benefit extensively from its strong security features, policy of free upgrades, and easy access to data at any time. “This system is user-friendly and convenient for all parties involved in the regulatory operation. It has robust security, real-time dashboards, and comprehensive and easy-to-use reporting tools,” explains Beth.

The solution portfolio has been custom-built for the government to serve almost every agency, department, or special district within cities, counties, and states. FastTrackGov’s plethora of solutions assists in addressing specific governmental needs, which include case management, cashiering, citizen interaction, community development, environmental health, and licenses/ permits.

With FastTrackGov, government is able to ensure higher level of citizen satisfaction as applications, requests, and complaints are processed much faster

The offerings not only guarantee simple integration and adoption, but also are web-based and can be easily fast-tracked. Additionally, to streamline the citizen management demands, the company has orchestrated FTG Connect. With this particular offering, citizens can conveniently report conditions, such as potholes, property violations, or enter complaints for issues. The software allows citizens to request copies of government records, such as board minutes, ordinances, or resolutions; or apply for parking permits in city-owned parking lots, register for sports leagues, and claim membership for recreational facilities.

Apart from being a prime ‘software vendor’ for government organizations, FastTrackGov is industry-noted for its proficiency in implementing the solutions into clients’ ecosystem. From pre-installation to post-installation, clients need not invest any time in installing the software or maintaining it. A specialized team comprising business specialists, CPAs, and IT professionals form the very backbone of FastTrackGov Response Center team, which stays at clients’ beck and call. FastTrackGov makes use of a specialized system to track each call and scrutinize it, in an effort to enhance efficiency.

FastTrackGov’s excellence in deploying its solution in the citizen management domain can be directly rooted to the philosophy the firm fosters. Sound business decisions and commitment to customer assistance are some of the fundamental ethics that govern its work culture. There is a strong belief in maintaining a standard of integrity and the people here are driven and dedicated towards making that happen, besides being talented at engineering software for citizen management.