The Ambit Group: Connecting Citizens with Federal Governments

The Ambit Group: Connecting Citizens with Federal Governments

Kim Hayes, CEO & Co-Founder, The Ambit GroupKim Hayes, CEO & Co-Founder
Having served in the armed forces and worked in federal consulting for years, Kim Hayes, co-founder of The Ambit Group, saw firsthand that many federal agencies struggled to fulfill their mission due to the lack of efficient program execution. “Most federal organizations either provided strategic services or integration support,” Kim observed. “We connected the two worlds by working alongside all levels of our clients’ organizations.” Ambit brings an understanding of how technologies and solutions really can work best to advance the business of government.

Since its inception, Ambit has focused on improving citizens’ experiences and their relationship with government. The company specialized in operational transformation—moving aging systems and people to new environments and helping the government minimize cultural resistance and increase technology adoption that simplified processes, accelerated results, and advanced their agency’s mission. “Across the federal space, we support various programs that deliver government services directly to the citizen— smarter, faster, and cheaper,” says Kim. “These programs excelled in advancing information sharing processes that crossed traditional organizational barriers and provided information at the right time, in right place, to the right people—from the Women Infants and Children program at USDA FNS to the highly visible, public-facing reporting of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill for NOAA.”

Ambit also provides critical services to the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC’s) Information Technology Center (ITC) serving as the sole contractor overseeing and managing the data supporting the agency’s $26 billion Spectrum Auction. In 2015, Ambit delivered the most aggressive and transformational work in the history of FCC’s Office of the CIO (OCIO). From initiation to closing, Ambit managed a team composed of multiple contractors and FCC’s full-time employees that performed a complete data center migration.

Across the federal space, we support programs that deliver government services directly to the citizen—smarter, faster, and cheaper

“During initiation, we identified the organizational structure and processes, uncovered initial assumptions and risks, and developed the necessary documentation outlining project plan of action such as Project Charter and Risk Management Plan,” says Kim. FCC ITC initiated an Enterprise Risk Management process using Ambit’s Risk Management Plan as a model.

Across the homeland security environment, contractors and federal employees face the challenge of sharing critical information and quickly overcoming obstacles inherent in an arena populated with different threats, missions, processes, and objectives. Ambit provides the data analytics that manage and convert volumes of data to usable, actionable information that lets agency leaders make faster and better informed decisions. “We’ve taken the best of agile, PMP, and six-sigma, and linked it to processes and outcomes that the people who support homeland missions can incorporate quickly,” says Kim.

Ambit consistently seeks improvements that are above and beyond their contractual requirements. Kim’s team meets regularly to identify trends and emerging technologies that will advance the operational and information sharing capabilities of their market verticals. Forging ahead, Ambit will continue to deliver their innovative and transformative services and support the growth of next generation small businesses through their Ambit Accelerator program, designed to help emerging technology companies gain a foothold in the federal market. “Through counseling and training, this program will help small businesses realize their full potential and provide them with an understanding of the federal market and enable them to strategically position themselves with federal clients,” concludes Kim.