CrimsonLogic: Reinstating Power to the People

Nicholas Wee, Chief Architect and SVP, CrimsonLogicNicholas Wee, Chief Architect and SVP
Setting the stage for the new era of data, every individual today can access the most extensive amount of information, thanks to the democratization of data. As a result, citizens around the globe understand their community rights and requirements better than ever before, triggering a growing expectation from their government. Today’s taxpayers not only expect economic growth that includes job creation and increased salaries but also demand for a government that can proactively address their daily needs and wants. To suffice these rising demands, governments in both developing and developed countries have realized the importance of deploying digital transformation programmes, and their lack of knowledge in this realm. When it comes to implementing such complex and vast initiatives, successful deployment requires a trusted partner with a deep understanding of the way government agencies work, interact, and deliver services. CrimsonLogic is one such partner. The Singapore-based company helps governments around the world to design and run innovative and sustainable digital government products and solutions that enable seamless collaboration with their citizens and ecosystem.

“CrimsonLogic’s vision of smarter governments, better businesses, and better lives has been a guiding philosophy that the company has upheld as a global digital government products and services provider,” says Nicholas Wee, Chief Architect and Senior Vice President, CrimsonLogic. The company boasts over three decades of experience in conducting proven digital government implementations in more than 40 countries and guiding government clients in their digital transformation journey. As a partner to the government ecosystem, CrimsonLogic offers consultation and digital processes implementation that permanently revolutionizes their operations along with a significant positive economic transformation.

The company enables this seamless transformation through our wide range of platforms aimed at improving citizen and business engagements. “We believe that at the citizen level, creating a seamless and convenient platform for citizens to connect with their government is an essential move for an effective G2C engagement,” adds Wee. CrimsonLogic attains this feat through its pinnacle offering Coherence, a suite of digital government products aimed at achieving efficiency and transparency among government, businesses, and citizens. Enabling people-centric municipal services, Coherence also acts as a one-stop portal that provides citizens, residents, and visitors instant access to all the services offered by the government. Coherence’s web-based portal allows citizens to conveniently submit and manage their applications for a range of municipal services across multiple government agencies. What’s most interesting about the solution is its ability to profile each person based on a personal identification number issued by the government, and identify and automatically ‘push’ the required services to the citizens in advance, eliminating the need to search for it when required.

From the government perspective, Coherence promotes intra-government collaboration among agencies through the sharing of common information and better coordination of inter-agency workflows, reducing time and cost efficiencies. For instance, the solution helps the government keep track of every birth through the notifications sent in by the integrated hospitals’ patient information systems. Coherence fuses machine learning and artificial intelligence with this information, which helps the government in predetermining the services needed such as immunizations and school registration. Moreover, Coherence uses this information to push the appropriate notifications to the parents’ mobile app to book an e-appointment (at a public hospital or clinic) for the child’s immunization or to register to a school that is in their neighborhood.

CrimsonLogic has successfully demonstrated its ability to connect citizens and their governments across the globe and has received several accolades owing to its impeccable service delivery. The company aspires to bring about improvements to its products and strengthen the adoption of ML and AI as standard features of the platform. “CrimsonLogic holds a strong grasp of the challenges that governments face, and we walk the distance with them to deliver solutions and services that are effective for both government and citizens,” Wee concludes.